Scared out of my mind. Learning to drive after 40.

Scared out of my mind. Learning to drive after 40.

I did it! Since writing my last post about learning to drive, I have passed my theoretical exam and took 20-hour lessons, and now I can drive (alone) to practice before taking my driving exam. Ok, it will not be for this year, but early next year (2021), but he, COVID happened and I’m amazed that I have still managed to get this far.

Each time that I was waiting for my driving instructor, I was waiting there with 18 ish-year-olds…I was by far always the eldest, and this made me realize (and the obstructor pointed out a few points as well) that there are advantages and disadvantages to learning how to drive (a manual btw).

So this is what I have come to realise about learning to drive at over 40 years old.

What I have come to realize

  • Is it learning difficult when over 40? YES
  • I’m a passive driver. In other words, slow.
  • My bladder is elderly, even though I’m not yet. Had to make a few stops during lessons.
  • It certainly does not come naturally to me…but maybe it would not have come naturally to me at 18 either.
  • I did not think that I could swear in a certain way.
  • I now understand why people complain about old people behind wheel.
  • I also understand why some people tend to associate a personality with a special mark of a car (thinking of BMW’s and such)
  • I never really realized how many people on the road are a hazard (or simply being idiots) Just crossing the road without looking, throwing their car doors open without looking for oncoming cars.
  • Objects in mirrors are closer than they appear.