A sweet little Christmas

A sweet little Christmas

We had a very sweet Christmas surrounded by the people I love. I wanted to give them a Christmas that was as enjoyable as possible (considering this was going to be a very different Christmas to other years) and I think I have succeeded! I had gotten a bit ahead of myself by doing a lot of shopping on Tuesday, I had anticipated the flocks of people on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Thursday I did some last-minute shopping, I got the boardgames that I ordered and delivered to our local supermarket. After that it was just me and my two boys (Mister 24 and mister 7) on Christmas Eve. They ate what they love most, fries. Once the youngest went to bed my older son and I watched “A star is born” . Not very Christmassy, I know, but after having watched alomest every Christmas movia avaible on Netflix and Disney + I was craving something else, and “A star is born” did not dissapoint.

The day after, Christmas day, my daughter was back home and so we opened our gifts, we laughed a lot. It was a very nice morning, I missed not being ablew to go to church, but it was luckily livestreamed. I then made cinnamon rolls. My son assembled his Lego that he got for Christmas and we played board games.

We went for a small walk in the woods with the dogs and Indiana, my daughter’s horse. It was cold, the air was humid, but I think we all had this need for nature, far from the city, the people and the covid, my son was able to run, we walked, and just enjoyed the fresh air until it started to rain a bit. Oh well, Belgium…

In the evening when we came back home we, of course, had our Christmas Day meal in the evening, table grilling. We, like every year, had way too much food. There was absolutely no room for dessert.

It was a beautiful, peaceful Christmas and I received the love in abundance from the people I love and that’s the most important thing. Thank you, God for this beautiful Christmas 2020.