Easter Weekend crafts

Easter Crafts

It’s Easter weekend! And that means Easter Weekend crafts! But also remembering that:

While we were sinners, Christ died for us. -Romans 5:8

May we never forget the true meaning of Easter. <3

So, my son and I did a few fun crafts to commemorate this weekend. Let me inspire you…by what Pinterest inspired us šŸ˜€

Easter Banner

This was pretty easy. Just click, print, color, cut out and hang up. Follow the link to Pinterest here!

My son and I do most crafts together at our dinner table. It’ s a time for us to talk and just spend quality time together.

Yesterday I put on some of our favourite podcasts. We particularly like :

  • Wow in the World by Tinkercast. – Yesterday we learned that there is only one insect that can survive in Antarctica. Antarctic midges!
  • Faith in kids is also one of our loved daily podcasts. They have two kinds of podcasts one for children and one for parents about raising children in Faith.

Finger Puzzles

My 7 year old has been into folding paper for the past two months (I’m ashamed at the amount of paper used, but we try to re-use it).

He’s been making airplanes, boats, and now finger puzzles. We made one with hearts for Valentine and I was delighted to find this one on Pinterest for Easter for “Kids Bible Teacher.com”

Follow the link to Pinterest here!

Tin foil Cross

The title says it all. I cut a cross out of cardboard and dropped it with tin foil for my son to emboss afterward. Follow the link here!

I do recommend using the sturdier kind of tin foil as mine kept on ripping.

“Hey , I now how a cross for my room” mister 7 said.

So that’s what we did on Good Friday. Today we will be making “Easter bunny bum” cupcakes ! Ha! And maybe some egg decorating.

What have you been up to this Easter weekend? Any craft ideas you want to share?