Counting my 25 blessings in life!

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Disclosure: I am not getting paid for the links that I am sharing in this blog post.

The way that I try to keep positive during hard times is to make a list (usually a mental list) of things that make me happy and that are blessings in my life. I could go on forever trying to count all my blessings because everything that happens is literally a blessing, good or bad. This list serves as a reminder that I have so much. Some of them are things I take for granted on the daily or just things I forget that make me happy. Hopefully, when I am down, I can reread this list and remember that life is full of beauty, even in the pain. Maybe this list of 25 things can help spark a few of your blessings in your life and that can, in turn, bring you joy. So, without further ado, here’s mine.

  1. Taking a warm bath with some Lush products and then hopping into a freshly washed flannel bedsheets bed.
  2. Spending time with friends and children. I enjoy it the most when it is kept simple, like yesterday sitting in the grass while at a free Festival watching the children play barefoot.
  3. Making a perfect boiled egg.
  4. Finding a unique me dress in the thrift store.
  5. Browsing thrift stores.
  6. Watching my little mister sleeping in the cargo bike while biking.
  7. Scents, I just get happy from tantalizing scents. I will smell every candle in the Rituals store, I will spend a crazy amount of time trying to figure out which bath bomb to choose in Lush and will even open each bottle of fabric softener to sniff from at the grocery store before choosing the right one.
  8. Flowers. It can change any room.
  9. Watching my Dachshunds playing with other dogs or jumping into a creek.
  10. Walking barefoot outside.
  11. A breakfast buffet at a hotel. (haven’t had that in a while)
  12. Crafting with my littlest one.
  13. When one of my favorite worship songs comes up in church.
  14. Seeing my grown-up daughter in her medieval attire at a medieval fair.
  15. Getting a new friend request on Facebook.
  16. Reading the newspaper and having coffee in bed.
  17. Seeing new pictures on my grown-up son’s Instagram, enjoying life.
  18. When the transit arrives on time. (this has been a grave annoyance in recent days, so I am happy to see a bus arriving on time)
  19. Plane trips to visit my family overseas.
  20. Watching my youngest jumping through a puddle. (only if he is wearing rain boots)
  21. A good Buddha bowl from my favorite place in Antwerp, Poketiki!
  22. The Fall.
  23. Accomplishing tasks that my (ex) husband used to do.
  24. Helping someone.
  25. Teaching my Sunday school class in church. I have the cutest group. 

Whew, I did it! I thought it would be hard but honestly, once I started, I actually had a harder time narrowing down the list of just 25. 

What makes you happy? I challenge you to make your own happy list and would love to hear some of it in the comments!

Counting my 25 blessings in life!