“Sparks of Joy” #3

"Sparks of Joy" #3

I try to share monthly with you things that have brought Sparks of Joy into my life. It will not always be things, but it can be an outing, it can be a craft I did with my son, a new recipe I tried out. It can just be anything.

Here you can read my last list of “Sparks of Joy”

So now, my list of things that have sparked some Joy and given me a thrill these past months!

  1. Dumplings! This is a brand new craving that I have developed during the COVID lockdown. I tried making some myself, but they were just not the same. So enjoying lot’s of them, now the restrictions have eased. My favorite spot in Antwerp, up until now, is a Bah Mei in the Antwerp Chinese district. I dare you to find me an even better one!
  2. Wine! Now that we are spending more time at home, why not with a nice bottle of vino? Loving this new-found wine called Dark Horse. I actually bought it for my miss 26yo, because of the horse on it of course…turned out to be actually good.
  3. Corky Masks! Now that the new fashion fad is face masks, I have quite a collection now. Two of my favorites is one that I bought on Etsy. And a vegan/sustainable one made out of cork, from a local store called Captain Cork.
  4. Favorite toy bough this past month is for sure the new Super Mario Lego set! I already know what I’m getting my little mister for Sinterklaas.
  5. Nice inviting smells are major “Sparks of Joy” for me, so my all-time favorite reed diffuser is from Atelier Rebul, the Istanbul. But will be trying a new one out next month.
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✨Het verhaal achter de kurken mondmaskers✨ . ➡️Toen covid19 in maart echt begon te woekeren en de drastische maatregelen van de lockdown werden opgelegd was dit ook voor Captain Cork een donderslag bij heldere hemel. . ➡️Ik was verplicht om de winkel in de Hoogstraat te sluiten. Net na de moeilijke retailmaanden januari en februari. Net nu de lente in aantocht was, mensen meer gingen winkelen, terrasjes doen, het toerisme dat op gang kwam. . ➡️Ik wist dat ik heel snel moest schakelen om mijn ‘kop boven water’ te houden. De vaste kosten bleven door lopen maar de inkomsten waren plots verdwenen. . 😷 Snel ontstond het idee om van de kurkstoffen mondmaskers te maken. Ik ben immers zeer bekend met het materiaal en ik was er van overtuigd dat de kenmerken en eigenschappen van kurk zich uitstekend zouden lenen voor mondmaskers. . 🌱W Vergeet ook niet dat kurken stoppen gebruikt worden in de voedingsindustrie, de strengst gecontroleerde industrie op vlak van volksgezondheid. . 😷We hebben wel tot 500 maskers gedoneerd om mensen kennis te laten maken met onze kurken maskers en om op basis van hun feedback ons ontwerp bij te stellen en te perfectioneren. . 😷Ontwerpen, prototypes, uittesten … einde maart werden onze maskers al geproduceerd. Maar we kwamen net te vroeg. . ❗Onze maskers haalde zelfs het Portugese prime time nieuws voor hun duurzaamheid, veiligheid en luchtigheid. Toen de Belgische overheid het gebruik van mondmaskers ging aanbevelen en zelfs verplichten op het openbaar vervoer kwam voor mij de kentering. . 🎉Mijn maskers kregen fantastische reviews, haalden meermaals de pers en zelfs bedrijven gingen ze in grote aantallen aankopen voor hun personeel. Zelfs dokters, verpleegkundigen en ander medisch personeel waren overtuigd en kochten de kurken maskers aan. Momenteel worden ze zelfs tot in California aangekocht. . . 😷Hou jij van luchtig, ademend, anti allergeen en licht? Koop dan snel je kurken mondmasker. . . 👇Fashionable kleuren of course

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That was it for this past month. Looking forward to discovering new and fun things. Drop me a line if you want me to try something out.


Must have: Atelier Rebul Istanbul Reed diffuser

I love pleasant smells.

Ever since I was a child you could find me sniffing at the fabric softener bottles in the grocery store while the parents were shopping.

And every time that I would come across lavender outside, I would pinch my fingers over the blossoms and smell my fingers.

Or walking into the Lush store makes me want to buy up all the bath bombs…

Must have: Atelier Rebul Istanbul Reed diffuser

I’m pretty sure that it releases dopamine in my head.

My favorite way to scent my home

Reed stick diffusers are my favorite, cheap or expensive – I’ve tried a lot of different types. In the end, I decided to invest in more expensive reed diffusers.

Cheap turned out to be expensive, considering that you tend not to smell much after a few days, or even hours, with the cheap reed diffusers.


I googled “best selling reed diffusers”

I was already familiar with Rituals. I love many of their products and have bought the large reed diffusers a few times before. But I felt like the smell got lost way before it should have.

So I wanted to try something different and some brands came up regularly. When I looked up some of the recommended brands (including Atelier Rebul), I found them way too pricey for me to just take the risk and buy a reed diffuser online.

But then one day I walked into the washroom of a local lunch spot and I was hit by this incredible scent.

I took a picture so that I would remember the name. I forgot to switch the sound off on my phone, I’m hoping that nobody heard me taking these pictures in the toilet stall. Ha!

Must have : Atelier Rebul Istanbul Reed Diffuser
The picture I took of my must have Atelier Rebul Reed Diffuser

Atelier Rebul Istanbul reed diffusers.

On bol.com they were priced at 35 euro, I thought that it was pricey, it’s ten euro more than my previously loved Rituals reed diffusers.

Must have: Atelier Rebul Reed Diffusers

But the scent left such an impact on me that I decided to give it a try.

It’s been three weeks now and the bottle is only 1/3 empty and the smell is still as wonderful as the first time I smelled it. I haven’t even turned the reeds over yet.

So this is a must-have! I would recommend this one to anyone and will I will be certainly giving this as a gift in the future!

If you don’t want to take the risk (and trust me :0 ) Check this link out the see if a store near you sells the products from Atelier Rebul.

The story behind Atelier Rebul

Must have: Atelier Rebul Istanbul Reed diffuser

Making the list

I’m curious as to the other scents that Atelier Rebul has to offer so I will be visiting their shop soon. Plus, I want to buy their Istanbul scented candle.

In the meantime, the Atelier Rebul Istanbul Reed Diffusers will be on my next “Sparks of Joy” post.

Lemme know what you think or have any other suggestions.