Holy week and the extra week of Easter vacation

So here in Belgium, where we live, the children from elementary school have an extra week of vacation. Something to do with the Covid numbers going up again.

The restrictions have also been tightened. Not overly I would think. We are back to meeting only with four people outside and now if you want to visit a non essential store you have to make an appointment. Not really sure how that’s working out yet.

Nothing really changes for us, besides having my son at home for an extra week. I love it, even though it means juggling things around. But my heart does go out to those who struggle with this. I’m not insensitive to what others are going through, but for us, it’s ok like this. Not ready for the real world yet. Still healing.

I can still do my therapy via zoom, and manage my projects in between my projects with my son.

And we are being blessed with beautiful spring weather, you need to enjoy it as much as possible in Belgium as you never know how the weather will be the next day. More grey days than the sunny type ones.

So we did a bit or gardening, went to the market, got a waffle on a stick …with chocolate this time.

My son was again invited to his besties house, and he has a huge garden for them to play with, so I’m sure my son isn’t complaining and it let me finish up on a few things.

My iPhone proudly told me today that my activity has gone down by 25 %, I’m guessing this has something to do with the fact that I’m not one Facebook currently. Went on my yearly “Easter Facebook fast” and I’m proud to say that I’m doing pretty well. I failed all the other years, but this year I’ve been good, except for checking up twice weekly due to the teacher of my son’s class putting a daily summary of what they did that day.

But I’ve realized that I really should be doing a “reading the news” fast. Because boy, it’s really putting me down. Yet I crave to read the news, to know what’s going on. It feels unreal to read all that’s going on, Covid, Covid, Covid, terrorism, racism, Suez…Meghan…

But at least I’m not on Facebook. That’s where you really realise how mean the world can be.

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