Ponderings at 4 am

Ponderings at 4 am

Ponderings at 4 am…Woke up with some pain in my leg and decided to take a painkiller, but of course, I could not fall right back to sleep, so my brain lingers…

And I started to think about who my best buds were. I have lots of good friends all over the place and I love them very much. But I’m talking ones that I actually spend time with on the regular. It’s shifted over the past few years due to folks moving away, and having new babies, and kids getting older, and going to different schools, and just… Life. Nothing dramatic, just a subtle shift that happened so slowly I missed the changes. And now it’s all different. Here’s how I know who my good friends are when I walk into their house, my phone jumps on their WIFI without me having to do anything. Wow. Now that I know, it makes perfect sense.

Sadly, my phone also jumps onto the guest WIFI at Ikea. I think I know what that says about me. But it does the same thing at church, though. So maybe that redeems me slightly?

Ok, painkiller is working, drowsiness is upon me. Back to sleep.

Ponderings at 4 am

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