I hate moving

I hate moving

I hate moving.

What else can I pack? Did I pack it logically? What should I get rid of?

My Lord, the amount of crap people collect over the years. “oh, here is a museum ticket form our trip to the south of France from nine years ago…”

I am sooooo ready to do some Marie Kondo type of organizing and go ridiculously minimalistic.

However…even though my brain wants it…that other part of me is having a hard time letting go of useless mementos from another life.

I hate moving

The inevitable is happening. We have to. I want to move. But…

I hate moving. It is expensive, stressful, tiring and I always worry something will go wrong (broken or lost items, etc). I also don’t like leaving places I feel comfortable in. When I live somewhere I get to know the area, the layout, the people, the transit times, etc. Sometimes (if I am not moving far) only a small amount changes, but it is still an adjustment and settling in can be daunting.

I do my best to overcome any issues by cleaning, making lots of lists, packing and planning ahead, but it doesn’t always help to assuage the stress. Instead, I try to focus on the good things that will come out of it. In our upcoming move, it is the garden we are looking forward to and the central heating. We have been freezing our butts off these past few winters so we will be moving just in time.

It might be a small thing, but sometimes having even just one good point, can help to alleviate a lot of new.

Ok, going to go back to the packing. U-g-h!

I hate moving


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