How to fix the back tire of a Babboe e-curve? You can't!

Maybe like me, you’ve googled “How to fix the back tire of a Babboe e-curve?” because you too have had a flat bike tire.

Did you find help?

I did not.

What you would find is a tutorial on the Babboe website in relation to changing the front tires. I ‘ve needed that too because my *well known bad luck* had struck twice in the weeks before in the wheel department. But those times it were the front wheels. It’s like changing a wheel on a normal bike.

But the back tire is whole different story people.

Because of the ‘pedal assist’ situated on the back wheel, you cannot simply remove it. Worse even, if you could remove it, you will most likely not be able to get it back on without causing any issues on its performance.

Ok then-No changing the wheel myself then (who am I kidding? I was going to rely on a friend.)

This happened on a Saturday evening when everything was closed. Sunday everything was closed too here in Belgium and of course, Monday was a national holiday. Remembrance day. (my luck!)

Tuesday I’m supposed to be biking 30 km to go and bring my son to school and back. But it is what it is right? I will just have to take my manual bike with the son on the back. Then once I get home I will walk my bike to the shop. Easy peasy.

Tuesday comes. I bike my son to school, get back home. Warm myself up first with a cup of coffee and read the news.

Then off to the bike shop I go. It’s about a 1.5km walk. Not too bad. The man working there was very nice, but he had to decline me their repairing services as they do not repair some type of bikes with the motor at the back because they cannot read it out on their computer and therefore if there is a problem while putting the wheel bike on, they would have to take care of it even though they don’t have the right programs.

I’m explaining this as I understood it btw. I’m in no way pretending to understand how an e-bike works. 🙂

Of course, Babboe was one of the bikes they might not work on. (my luck again)

So what now?

Well, before dragging my bike to the next shop a few km away I was smart this time and called ahead to hear if they could help me. But I received the same answer from them, and from the other shops in the area. The only other option was to contact Babboe and ask for them to come and change the wheel. I was dreading that last option as in the past I always had to wait for a few weeks (even over a month the last time) to see a technician.

But it is what it is and I ordered a repair service. I received an email saying that it will be between 1-3 weeks. *great big sigh* edit: I have to wait to weeks. What will I do?

Never again a cargo bike

I loved my cargo bike as you’ve been able to read in the past. But I’ve had the worst luck and even though Babboe was kind enough to offer me a new bike because my previous one had just too many issues, I cannot seem to enjoy it anymore as I used too. I’m always constantly worried about it breaking down, or getting a flat tire far away from home…

I realize that this is probably not only a Babboe issue. But more of a cargo bike issue. Because I know that it’s not only Babboe who bike technicians are wary of. I’ve heard of them declining to repair other brands of “bakfietsen”.

And because a cargo bike is big and it cannot fit in the boot of the car, it makes me nervous to be stranded far away from home or from a bike shop.

I don’t know.

Is it my luck? Are Cargo bikes, in general, a pain in the butt? What are my other alternatives (besides a car) for getting my groceries and taking my child with me wherever I go? How about a long tail bike? HELP!

I used to feel like it gave me some freedom but now I’m just always waiting for something else to happen.

Oh well. I might just go for my driver’s license before the end of the year.

So did you google? How to fix the back tire of a Babboe e-curve?

Let me save you the search;

You can’t!

Life by Mim

How to fix the back tire of a Babboe e-curve? You can't!